big brother is watching you

We are experts when it comes to IP CCTV Systems. Gemfish IP based surveillance systems give you the ability to record, view and manage images transmitted from your cameras remotely from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet connection.

What is ip cctv

IP CCTV systems turn audio and images into data and then transmit this data over an Internet or network connection. Better performance, greater flexibility and easier installation are the things that make them far more beneficial than analogue CCTV systems. Digital technology means crisp clear images that do not degrade on playback, recording or onward forwarding and gives greater flexibility to view and manage CCTV images.

simplicity in itself

Gemfish IP CCTV is incredibly easy to use. Our IP cameras use a single standard network cable to simply connect the camera to your network.  The single network cable can be used for power, control, video and data meaning less disruption to your workplace, and less time to install them.  The graphical user interface is incredibly intuitive to use for ease of operation. You can display multiple cameras in a single drag and drop operation and can view any combination of cameras from a single workstation.

smartphone compatibility

Gemfish IP CCTV systems give you the ability to view live and recorded images of any camera on your Smartphone, as well as receive alarm and faults via email and SMS.  Remotely checking the status of your protected premises, night or day, has never been easier.

huge storage capability

Gemfish IP CCTV systems do not require local recording as they can transmit their images across Local Networks, the Internet and Wide Area Networks to a central location where that can be recorded, viewed and managed on standard IT storage systems.  Storing large amounts of data is nothing new in IT, and if you are a multi site organisation, this presents real cost saving and simple management of all your CCTV across many sites.

future proof

You can always add more network cameras whenever you want to expand an Gemfish IP CCTV system. This means that as your needs grow; you may conveniently scale the system at any time. Since our systems strictly adhere to industry standard open protocols, other equipment like access control management systems can also be integrated to them in the future. Thus, today it has become very simple to invest in an IP CCTV system, and you can easily manage it thanks to the advancing technology and the benefits that our systems offer.

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